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Simple exercises can help support your circulatory health. Spend 30-60 seconds on each exercise every hour to fight the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

preventing vein issue while Standing:


Stand on one foot. Raise the other leg so that your hip, knee, and foot form a 90-degree angle and hold it there for five seconds. Slowly straighten the raised leg until your foot is pointed directly in front of your hip. Return your raised leg to a 90-degree angle and hold for five more seconds. Then switch legs and repeat.


Keeping your weight on your left foot, point your right toe to the ground a few inches in front of you. Switch legs and repeat.



Keeping your weight on your left leg, rise up onto the toes and ball of your left foot. Repeat with the other leg.


Stand with both feet flat on the ground. Keeping your weight on your heels, raise your toes off the floor for 5 seconds. 


Stand with both feet flat on the ground. Keeping your weight on the balls of your feet, raise your heels of the floor and stand on your tiptoes for 5 seconds before coming back to the floor.


Place your hands against a solid wall and use your legs to push against it.


 preventing vein problems while Seated:


Keeping the ankles together, lift the legs until they are even with the hips. Hold for a moment, and release.


Lift one leg until the foot is even with the hip. Rotate your foot at the ankle three times in a complete circle. Repeat with the other leg.



Raise the toes as high as you can without taking your heel off the ground.


Hold the sides of your chair for balance. Bring the knees up to the chin and the feet up to the hips. Hold for 5 seconds before lowering your legs.



Raise one knee halfway up to the chin. Make three complete circles with your foot by rotating the ankle. Then repeat with the other leg.



Diet that Supports Vein Health:

When your circulatory system is healthy, your risk of developing varicose veins is at its lowest. A nutritious diet is important to every aspect of our health. In general, increase your intake of fresh or frozen produce of every color and limit processed foods.

When we think specifically about circulatory health and avoiding varicose veins, there are a few foods that can make a big difference.

If you’re worried about improving circulation health, the first line on the nutrition label that you want to look at is cholesterol. When we eat “low-quality cholesterol,” it gets deposited directly into our arteries. “High-quality cholesterol” (more properly known as high-density lipoprotein) comes from foods like fatty fish, beans, whole grains, flax, fibrous fruits, and olive and coconut oils.

When we eat these foods, the HDL cholesterol carries cholesterol out of the arteries and into the liver for processing. Increasing the amount of HDL (or good cholesterol) that you eat while reducing the LDL (or bad cholesterol) will help clean out your arteries and create more space for blood to move through.

Other foods have properties that can help reduce inflammation in your veins and arteries. Purple produce like eggplant, blueberries, and red cabbage contain a such nutrient, called anthocyanins. Anthocyanin supplements are available too, and have been shown to raise levels of HDL in patients with circulatory issues. However, the best vascular cardiologists - and doctors in general - will tell you that fresh or frozen produce is the best way to get vitamins and nutrients. Aim to eat at least five servings of fruit or vegetables every day, and eat a variety of produce in every color.

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