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Family Healthcare & Cardiac Center/New York Pet & CTA Imaging Center specializes in Radioembolization (Y-90). Our clinicians are devoted to serving patients with liver cancer. Call us at (718)-439-5111 for more information.

About Renal Ultrasound / Renal Sonogram

What is renal ultrasound?

A renal ultrasound is a safe, pain-free test that uses sound waves to create pictures of the bladder, uterus, or kidneys.

why would i need a renal ultrasound?

If you are seeing a nephrologist or if your regular doctor suspects there may be a problem with your kidneys, you will need regular testing. Luckily, the kidneys are very easy to examine with sound waves. We use the same technique to prepare for uterine fibroid treatment.

About Radioembolization (Y-90)✎

What is Radioembolization (Y-90) procedure?

Radioembolization (Y-90) is a procedure used to treat cancer of the liver. Radioembolization (Y-90) uses two procedures, embolization and radiation therapy. Radioembolization (Y-90) consists of using ionizing radiation to kill or shrink tumors. The technique of embolization is performed by blocking blood flow to malformations.

Benefits of the Radioembolization (Y-90) procedure include:

  • Minimally-invasive procedure

  • Less complications than surgery or liver transplantation

  • Relieve symptoms and pain of patients with inoperable tumors

What conditions does Radioembolization (y-90) treat?

Radioembolization (Y-90) treats tumors of the liver, whether they formed there originally or spread from another part of the body, in patients who are not good candidates for liver surgery or transplantation. It slows the disease’s growth and alleviates symptoms, but it is not a cure.



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