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Family Healthcare & Cardiac Center/New York Pet & CTA Imaging Center specializes in FDG PET Scans using ammonia. Our clinicians are devoted to serving patients with atherosclerotic heart disease & shortness of breath. Call us at (718)-439-5111 for more information.

About FDG/Ammonia✎

Which Tracers Will Be Used During my PET/CT Scan?

FDG (Fluorodeoxyglucose)
The FDG(Fluorodeoxyglucose) Tracer requires the most intense preparation of any tracer we use here at Family healthcare & cardiac center. The day that a patient needs a PET/CT Scan with FDG(Fluorodeoxyglucose), patient cannot eat or drink anything at all. Some patients may not even be able to brush their teeth. But we use FDG(Fluorodeoxyglucose) because it's an excellent way to watch the speed at which cells absorb glucose. 

 Ammonia is a very useful tracer. It can help your cardiovascular specialist watch blood flow through your heart. The day you receive a PET/CT scan with an ammonia tracer, you'll need to avoid caffeine. It's worth noting that a caffeine-free product is not the same as a decaffeinated product. You should also remember that chocolate contains some caffeine. You'll also need to avoid food and tobacco for about four hours before your exam. 



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