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Family Healthcare & Cardiac Center specializes in Defibrillator Replacement. Our clinicians are devoted to serving patients with abnormal heartbeats. Call us at (718)-439-5111 or visit us at 7404 5th Ave. Brooklyn, New York 11209 -Bay Ridge area, for more information.


   About Defibrillator Replacement✎

What is Defibrillator Replacement?


A Defibrillator is an electrical device placed in your chest or stomach. The Defibrillator treats life threatening abnormal heartbeats, also known as arrhythmias. An arrhythmia can prevent your heart from supplying an adequate amount of blood to your body and brain.

Benefits of a Defibrillator Replacement:

  • Allow for a normal, active life

  • Significantly lowers the risk of cardiac arrest

  • Treat heart arrhythmias


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