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About Holter Monitors✎

What is a Holter Monitor?


A Holter Monitor is an electronic computer that keeps a detailed record of a patient's heart rate on a temporary basis. They are usually used for 1-2 days, but can be used for up to two weeks.

A technician needs to set up a Holter Monitor in your doctor's office. Electrodes, like the square patches in the photo above, must be attached with adhesive, but no needles are needed.

While wearing a Holter Monitor, there are a few lifestyle changes that you need to make. The monitors cannot be exposed to water, so you cannot shower. They also cannot be exposed to microwaves, x-rays, or magnets, so you'll have to avoid metal detectors and security scanners. Finally, keeping an accurate and detailed journal will help your cardiologist understand the reasons behind any abnormality that the Holter Monitor reports. 

Why do you need a Holter Monitor?

You would need a Holter Monitor if your doctor suspects you may have an arrhythmia, which is a condition where your heart sometimes beats too fast, too slow, or at irregular intervals. Your doctor would suggest a Holter Monitor if they would like to track your heartbeat over the course of a few days during your regular daily activity.

A Holter Monitor is used to measure and record your hearts activity continuously between 24 to 48 hours. It is a battery operated portable device and is the size of a small camera.

How does a Holter Monitor work?

A technician will attach small patches called electrodes to your chest. Then, the technician will connect the electrodes to a monitor using wires. This monitor is about the size of a postcard. It will record your heartbeat for one or two days, or in certain cases, up to two weeks. Your cardiologist will receive a detailed, time-stamped account of your heart’s activity.

Benefits of a Holter Monitor include:

  • Non-invasive test to determine a diagnosis of arrhythmia

  • Monitoring treatment to ensure effectiveness


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